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From:  Andy Krals

When we first met, I made a pretty big promise to you:
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My sincere hope is that you’ve learned some great nuggets of information
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Today, I’d like to reveal a special bonus secret to you.

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Andy Krals,
The Breathtaking Nature Method

They say that everything happens for a reason.

I’ll never forget that day when my doctor said,

“You have high blood pressure,”

and wrote me a prescription for some blood pressure pills.
The prescription felt like an automatic response, as if he hadn’t even thought about it.

Sitting there in the pharmacy parking lot on my way to fill the prescription,
all sorts of thoughts were running through my head…

“I can’t believe I’m going to need to take these for the rest of my life,”
How much are these pills going to cost me over my lifetime?,”
“He never mentioned any side-effects, are these things really safe?
“There has got to be a natural way to get control of this, right?”

We all make choices in life.  I chose to wait on the prescription and commit
myself right then and there to researching all of the scientific data to see if there
are any natural ways to control high blood pressure.

If I couldn’t find any natural ways to control my blood pressure,
ways that were backed by rock-solid scientific proof, then fine,
I’d come back to the drug store, accept my fate, and fill the prescription.

I read every single scientific research study and all the books I could
find on the subject of blood pressure.  I read all the fine print in all of
the clinical trials – and what I found hidden in plain sight was…


First, the bad news:
Many of the most prescribed blood pressure drugs
barely work better than a ‘sugar pill’ placebo.

For example, one of the most effective blood pressure drugs, called ‘diltiazem’,
only works on 63% of people.

That means that for more than 1 in 3 people taking it,
they might as well just take a ‘sugar pill’ placebo.

In order for any drug to get approved by the FDA,
it only needs to work in 50% of people
– only a little bit better than a sugar pill is all it takes.

Drug makers regularly release “miracle drugs” that are only
marginally better than doing nothing at all.

That means that for many people,
the sad truth is that their blood pressure drug
prescriptions are only effective at draining their bank accounts.

Even worse than not working for many people,
blood pressure drugs have some
awful side-effects like:
  • Impotence (erectile dysfunction)
  • Reduced sex drive
  • Weight gain (to add insult to injury, weight gain increases your blood pressure)
  • Breast Enlargement in men
  • Depression
  • Increased cholesterol
  • Increased blood sugar
 (increased blood sugar causes Type 2 Diabetes)
  • Lowered potassium (potassium is essential for natural blood pressure control)
  • Lowered white blood cell count (white blood cells are essential for preventing disease)
  • Kidney failure and Liver failure
  • Chest pain, Asthma attacks, Shortness of breath
  • Racing pulse, Heart palpitations
  • Lightheadedness, Dizziness
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Diarrhea, constipation
  • Headaches, Sinus congestion
  • Insomnia, Drowsiness, Fatigue & Weakness
  • Back and Leg Pain, Gout
  • Tinnitus
Reading about all of these
terrible side-effects made me seriously wonder…
What’s worse, high blood pressure, or the drugs used to treat it?
Even if you’re one of the lucky ones
who hasn’t had any side-effects, there is still
one glaring fact that you need to know…

…blood pressure drugs don’t even cure the real cause of your high blood pressure,
they just cover up the real underlying problem, like a chemical band-aid.

The best way to think of High Blood Pressure is like a “Check Engine” light for your body…
Your body is trying to tell you something is wrong.


Sure, you can try to cover up the real problem with pills, but the
true cause of your high blood pressure is still there, like it or not.

Blood pressure pills just create the illusion of a solution, not a true cure.

If you “need” blood pressure drugs
to manage your blood pressure,
your “Check Engine” light is still on.
Now, the great news:
There is overwhelming scientific proof,
countless medical research studies, that prove that
nearly all high blood pressure
can be reduced or eliminated – without drugs.

Even better, for most people the easy solution
doesn’t even involve any diet changes, exercise or gross tasting herbs.

There is a special technique, previously only available in medical research studies:

A special method called Biofeedback.

It turns out that when people in clinical research studies used
specially designed medical devices called “Biofeedback Machines,”
their blood pressure went down – naturally and permanently –
with success rates that are just as good as, if not better than
any traditional blood pressure drugs.

Even better, Biofeedback uses zero drugs, no pills, no herbs,
requires zero exercise or even any diet changes… and best of all,
this method has zero negative side-effects.

The technique that these Biofeedback Machines use has been
confirmed as scientifically valid by leading medical institutions including:
Harvard Medical School, The Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins,

Rush Presbyterian Hospital, The American Heart Association
and other leading medical institutions.

Biofeedback Machines work by showing people how to breathe
in the specific patterns that trigger the body to lower blood pressure naturally.

If you just “breathe along” to the computerized sound cues given by these
specially programmed machines for 10-15 minutes a day, every other day,
your blood pressure goes down…

Biofeedback Graph

  • Based on the analysis of over 30 years of data from Biofeedback studies,
    the average blood pressure reduction is 14 points systolic and 8 points diastolic.
    Results like these are similar to many common blood pressure drug prescriptions.
  • In the top ten percent of response rates, reductions of up to
    36 points systolic and 20 points diastolic are frequently reported.
  • 90% of people get measurable response from Biofeedback training,
    40% better than the 50% minimum standard for FDA drug approval.

The secret to these Biofeedback Machines
is the special
 “breathing cue” patterns that are
programmed into them.

When patients just “breathe along” to the easy breathing cues,
the body naturally triggers the release of Nitric Oxide into the blood.

This causes the walls of your blood vessels to relax, and your
blood pressure goes down:

Many blood pressure drugs work the same way – they cause the release
of Nitric Oxide that causes the blood vessels to relax, lowering blood pressure.

Biofeedback triggers the natural release of Nitric Oxide, lowering blood pressure naturally.

By the way, the results that you get from this method last all day,

not just while you’re doing the special breathing.

Just how powerful is this
Biofeedback Machine technique?

Beyond naturally lowering High Blood Pressure, Biofeedback can help
reduce or eliminate nearly every common chronic disease known today.

Please understand a simple fact that can either make or destroy your life:
Stress is the root of nearly all disease.

Biofeedback helps you reduce or eliminate the root cause of all stress-related health issues.

Let’s take a quick look at the Health Benefits of reducing stress through Biofeedback:

  • Reduce or Eliminate High Blood Pressure (proven in over 10 clinical studies)
  • Lose Weight (stress hormones are a direct cause of weight gain and obesity)
  • Prevent Heart Attacks (lowers the stress hormones that trigger heart attacks)
  • Prevent Heart Disease (through reduced blood pressure, better oxygenation of the heart muscle)
  • Prevent Strokes (naturally lowers the high blood pressure that triggers strokes)
Prevent Cancer (stress hormones cause cancer cells to grow)
  • Control Type 2 Diabetes (stress causes blood sugar to rise, causing insulin resistance)
  • Reverse Impotence (stress, and many blood pressure drugs, cause Erectile Dysfunction)
  • Reverse Hair Loss (stress is a key factor in some types of hair loss)
  • Pain Management (reduce or eliminate fibromyalgia, arthritis and all forms of chronic pain)
  • Less Anxiety & Stress (release tension, deep inner calm, promotes healthy coping)
  • Depression Control (stress is a key root cause of depression)
  • Relaxes Chest Muscles (prevent heart attack false alarms from chest tightness)
  • Prevent Wrinkles (stress hormones and blood sugar spikes cause wrinkles)
Slows the Aging Process (stress hormones speed up aging, cutting stress helps you look and feel younger)
  • Better, Deeper Sleep, Prevent Insomnia (stress causes insomnia)
  • More Energy (stress slows your metabolism)
  • Better Mind-Body Connection (better intuition, concentration, clarity, creativity)
  • Better Breathing (reduced asthma & bronchitis)
  • Stop Addiction (helps quit smoking, alcohol, drugs)
  • Strengthen Immune System (get sick less often and with less symptoms)
  • Prevent Acid Reflux (stress triggers acid reflux)
  • Prevent Irritable Bowel Syndrome (stress triggers IBS)
  • Prevent Tinnitus (Both stress hormones, and many BP drugs, can cause Tinnitus)
  • Help You Live a Longer, Happier, Healthier Life!

Beyond helping you with your high blood pressure,
how many other things did you see on this list that
stress reduction through Biofeedback could help you or someone you love?

Biofeedback is so powerful that
even people with very difficult to treat
High Blood Pressure still get very impressive results.

Even people that are considered “Resistant Hypertensives”
– these are the people that have had a lot a difficulty getting their blood pressure down
no matter what drugs their doctors give them, still get an 82% response rate
from Biofeedback.

Here is the conclusion of a clinical study published in the American Journal of Hypertension:

“TRIAL RESULTS: Significant reductions in both office blood pressure and home blood pressure without side effects with 82% responders and good compliance.

CONCLUSIONS: Resistant hypertensives can benefit from and are compliant with self-treatment by device-guided slow breathing.”

American Journal of Hypertension, June 2003

Just to be clear, this study was done on Resistant Hypertensives
these are the rare people that modern medicine has said
nothing will work onand they still got an 82% response rate.

For the record, this 82% response rate in Resistant Hypertensives is
a full 32% better than the mere 50% that the FDA requires for a drug to get approved.

The great news is that very few people are Resistant Hypertensives
– and if even these “untreatable cases” can have an 82% response rate,
imagine the success that people with more basic high blood pressure can have?

The truth is that 90% of people using Biofeedback Machines can get measurable results, ranging from reducing to completely eliminating their “need” for blood pressure drugs.
Here’s the catch:

For many years, Biofeedback training was only available in
clinical research studies at places like Harvard Medical School.

The machines were very expensive and not anything that the
average person could get access to.

In recent years, the lower cost of computer microprocessors has reduced the
cost to make Biofeedback Machines, but they’re still quite expensive.

One popular Biofeedback Machine, called RESPeRATE, sells for $300.

True, $300 is a very small price to pay for the enormous benefit of
being able to reduce or completely eliminate your “need” for blood pressure meds.

But $300 is still a lot of money.
There has got to be a better way that doesn’t break the bank.

The Breathtaking Nature Method.

Thanks to the power of the Internet, there’s now a much more affordable alternative
to the expensive Biofeedback machines of the past – an all online Biofeedback method
called:  The Breathtaking Nature Method.

Right now, as you read this, people from all around the world are using a secret,
password protected, members-only part of this website as their own personal Biofeedback Machine.

The Breathtaking Nature Method gives you the same power of the medical research studies,
from the comfort of your home.

You get hassle-free instant online access,
turning your computer into a
clinically-proven Biofeedback Machine.
The Breathtaking Nature Method is a
revolutionary Biofeedback program.

One serious problem with traditional Biofeedback machines,
aside from the outrageous price, is that the sound cues they use
are boring, repetitive computerized tones.

The Breathtaking Nature Method takes Biofeedback to a whole new level with: Nature Sounds.

You get to experience all of the power of Biofeedback,
while exploring the sounds of 18 beautiful “mini-vacation” travel destinations, including:

Much more than just Biofeedback,
The Breathtaking Nature Method gives you a chance to get away from it all.

From a tropical rainforest, to the Tuscan countryside,
enjoy your choice of 18 deeply soothing natural soundscapes.

You get the best of both worlds,
the clinically proven power of Biofeedback,
mixed with the deep relaxation of nature sound therapy.
Here are just a few examples of real people who have had
amazing success with this program:
“Just a short note to tell you, “Thanks” for making it easy to lower my BP without drugs. I’m a part-time flight instructor and my BP was getting close to the point that if I didn’t do something about it, I would have to begin medication. Even though the FAA approves most BP prescription drugs, I don’t want to deal with it. So, I was optimistic when I found your relaxing program — I love the owl and thunder best! Anyway, at the end of the first week I was down about 10 points on the top number and at the end of the second week, it’s about 15 and dropping. Thank you,”
Bob O’Quinn, Palatine, IL

Here’s another client that was kind enough to email us this video:

Here’s yet another email we got from a successful client:

“My blood pressure was up a couple of years ago.  I was so upset about it all because my father and his side of the family all have hypertension and have had strokes, some fatal, and in the case of Daddy, wiped out his left side.

So, I went online and did some research and found out that guided breathing is an effective method for lowering blood pressure, according to many studies. I thought about getting this expensive contraption for guided breathing that you see advertised in AARP (yes I get that, I’m 54).

After further research, luckily I found and ordered a program just for guided breathing and within three days, spending 15 minutes each day doing the breathing, my blood pressure went from the 160/90’s to 118/73! Lesson learned: do the breathing everyday for 15 minutes for the rest of my life.

And following the sounds with your breathing makes it SO easy!  The program is wonderful, for instance in one of them, you breathe in to the sound of birds singing, and then breathe out to the sound of crickets, all with a waterfall in the background. After doing this breathing for 15 minutes you feel so calm and relaxed. I can even feel the blood flowing into my hands, a sure sign that the blood pressure is good.  So I’m putting in an official endorsement.”
Victoria O’Neill, Reading, PA

(Note: Victoria mentions using the program daily.  Most people get great results only using the program every other day.)

One of the most popular Biofeedback Machines
on the market sells for $300.

Thanks to the power of the Internet, we are able to deliver all of
the power of Biofeedback right to your computer at a fraction of the cost.

There’s nothing to wait for in the mail, no batteries to run out, just instant access.

Even at only half that price, $150,
The Breathtaking Nature Method would be an amazing value.

But we are going to take that already low price and reduce it again to only…


$67 is an amazing 77% savings off the $300 you’d expect to pay for Biofeedback.

We are so confident that we can help you reduce or eliminate your “need” for
blood pressure drugs that we are even going to go another step further.

We understand that you want a chance to prove that this method works for
you before you invest in it.

So we are going to put you 100% in control and give you
60 Days to try the Breathtaking Nature Method,
and prove that it works for you with…


To help guarantee your success with 
The Breathtaking Nature Method, we are going to give you two extremely valuable bonus gifts

Look at the most successful athletes and business leaders.

What’s the one thing they all have in common?
Without exception, they all have coaches and mentors.

The first bonus gift I’m going to give you with your
60 Day Risk-Free Trial Membership is our
30 Day Blood Pressure Success Coaching Program… a $97 value… FREE.


You just follow the easy, step-by-step coaching emails we send to your inbox
every other day, and in just 30 days you’ll know if you’re one of the
90% of people that can reduce or eliminate their “need” for BP pills.

After having coached thousands of clients worldwide, we created this
program to take the guesswork out of getting great results.

You just follow the easy, step-by-step instructions in the emails, and let nature take care of the rest.

Our second free bonus gift, Blueprint For Your Success,
is about “the big picture” of natural blood pressure control.

It’s about the psychology of personal success and getting the most out of life.

Modern medicine likes to put walls between our minds, bodies and lives.
The truth is, everything is connected.

This $97 program is yours, FREE. 

Just like the raindrops that create a stream, the little things add up.

Based on over ten years of personal development and life-optimization research,
Blueprint For Your Success will help you see the areas of your life where
small changes can make a huge difference.

It’s just our way of saying Thank You for trying the Breathtaking Nature Method.

Just to recap…

You get instant access to everything here:

  • The entire Breathtaking Nature Method Online Biofeedback Program
  • $97 FREE Bonus #1:  The 30 Day Blood Pressure Success Coaching Program
  • $97 FREE Bonus #2:  The Blueprint For Your Success Personal Coaching Program

You get instant online access to everything for only…Lifetime67(1)

The only way to know if you are one of the 9 out of 10 people that will be able to
reduce or eliminate your “need” for blood pressure drugs is to give the program a try and know for sure.

Our goal is simple:
We want to help you live a longer, healthier, happier life.
Give it a try.
You be the judge.

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