Clinical Research
Clinical Research

Now that you’ve had a chance to learn about some of the natural ways to lower blood pressure without drugs, let’s take a look at the clinical proof.

Here’s a very brief overview of the 30 years of research studies supporting the techniques used in the Breathtaking Nature Method. This is a lot of information, and we don’t expect you to read everything, but we do encourage you to at least take a look at a few of the links…

1. Nonpharmacologic Treatment of Hypertension by Respiratory Exercise in the Home Setting
American Journal of Hypertension, 2004 April; 17(4):370-4

2. Breathing-Control Lowers Blood Pressure
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3. Nonpharmacologic Treatment of Resistant Hypertensives by Device-Guided Slow Breathing Exercises
American Journal of Hypertension, 2003 June; 16(6):484-7

4. Treating Hypertension with a Device that Slows and Regularizes Breathing: A randomized, double-blind controlled study, Journal of Human Hypertension, 2001 April; 15(4):271-8

5. Device-Guided Breathing Exercises Reduce Blood Pressure
American Journal of Hypertension, 2001 January; 14(1):74-6

6. Graded Blood Pressure Reduction in Hypertensive Outpatients Associated with use of a Device to Assist with Slow Breathing, Journal of Clinical Hypertension, 2004 October; 6(10):553-9

7. Decreased Blood-Pressure in Pharmacologically Treated Hypertensive Patients Who Regularly Elicited The Relaxation Response, The Lancet, Volume 303, Issue 7852, 23 February 1974

8. Decreased Blood-Pressure in Borderline Hypertensive Subjects, Journal of Chronic Diseases, Volume 27, Issue 3, 23 March 1974

9. Daily Relaxation Response Break Effects on Blood Pressure, American Journal of Public Health, Volume 67, Issue 10, 1977

10. A Simple Psychophysiologic Technique Which Elicits the Hypometabolic Changes of the Relaxation Response, Psychosomatic Medicine, Volume 36, 1974

For further reading on the subject of natural blood pressure control and mind-body healing, we also suggest these excellent books, ebooks and audio books:

My question is:
Q: If the drug industry really “just has our best interests at heart”, why don’t they let people know about this kind of research?
A: I think the answer is pretty simple – if everybody with high blood pressure knew about these clinical studies, drug company profit margins would take a very serious hit. The drug industry has one goal: PROFITS. Keeping people sick is big business. The information here would be disastrous to their bottom lines if everybody knew the truth.

Next, I will address the next serious question:
Q: How can you do the Breathtaking Nature Method… in the comfort of your own home, right here at your computer, without the need for the expensive machines mentioned in the clinical studies?

A:  Reduce or eliminate your “need” for blood pressure drugs in only 30 dayswithout diet or exercise.  Our clinically-proven Gold Member Coaching Program has a 90% success rate.
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Yes, I have found this method very helpful indeed.  I have a blood pressure monitor at home which I use almost daily in the evenings to monitor the results (almost instantaneous results using the methods you endorsed!). My story: I had a doctor visit a several months ago and he put me on metoprolol low-dose.  Now, I do have “white coat syndrome”, you know, when I see a doctor my BP rises just seeing that white coat they wear.  Really!  (Past experience with doctors does make me leery of visiting them).  Anyway, the meds did ‘normalize’ my pressure, but went even further, it was going sub-normal.  Had a side effect of vertigo for a day within a couple of weeks after starting, so I immediately stopped using it for a few days.  I also noticed the side effects of  ‘deeper sleep’; I would fall asleep very rapidly like being hit over the head.  And some uneasy unnatural feeling when exercising, like a was struggling more.

Well, then I did my homework and ran across your web-site.  Was hesitant at first….Nevertheless the next day I subscribed and glad I did. One thing that really hit home was your video on how pharmaceutical companies can influence and even pressure the physicians to use their products.  This I know for a FACT since my previous wife was a pediatrician, and I witnessed how the sales reps come in and urge to use their products, give free samples, tons of free pens, free pads, free gadgets, free lunches, free dinners at seminars, and even treat the staff from time to time.  I also found out they have access to the prescriptions that the physicians write, they know how often and how much is prescribed and by who, so this too plays into how the pharmaceutical companies ‘work’ with the physicians.

The highest BP reading I had (at the scary doc’s office) was 190/90.  When he said that I was in shock, I never had readings so high (highest I’ve seen was 150/90), so I knew it was white coat syndrome again because my pulse was racing too even before he told me that measurement.  He prescribed those meds which he said would lower my BP and pulse rate.  I am now off those meds completely, have been for a few months now and monitor my BP and pulse daily.  At rest I have seen nearly ‘perfect’ BP of 125/80, although more common readings are around 135/82 with pulse rate in the mid 60’s!  Over a few weeks time the common readings have been more often reading (dropping down) into the ‘normal range’.  Also, when waking from a nap I have seen my BP as low as 110/65 with pulse rate in the 60s.
So kudos to your web-site.  It has been very instrumental in normalizing my BP and pulse rate too.  And I think your videos are great!  Keep them coming!
Thanks for listening!