4 Ways Guided Breathing Lowers Blood Pressure Naturally
4 Ways Guided Breathing Lowers Blood Pressure Naturally

This video below (scroll down a bit to see it) reveals one of the easiest ways to lower blood pressure naturally – without diet, exercise, or pills.

There’s a clinically proven technique called Guided Breathing – a form of ‘Biofeedback’ – that gets amazing results. This video below explains how it works…

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“….I found your web site and am so thankful. In the short time I’ve been using your technique my blood pressure has dropped to 154/84. Still too high but WAY better than a few weeks ago! The technique is easy, enjoyable, and produces results. Got to go now, time for my drug free BP lowering relaxing breathing! Thanks again!
-Kerry M. Fernley, Nevada”

Hi Andy.
I received your email about a month ago now. I have had high blood pressure for over ten years and on medication.  With the medication my blood pressure was 140/82 average.  Without the medication it would go up to 170/102.  I tried to get off the medication a couple of times but my pressure would go far too high.  When you sent me your email on the breathing technique I was skeptical at first but it sounded like it might help.

I have faithfully followed the exercise every second night for at least 15 min or more.  On the 22rd  day using the breathing programme my blood pressure was getting too low as I was still taking me medication 118/73.  I cut my meds in half for two days and then I stopped all together for the last week I have been off all my meds.

My Blood pressure without med is now 128/ 79 on an average it has never gone over 82. Thank you very much Andy.

Kind regards