How to Lower Your Blood Pressure With Your Belly Button
How to Lower Your Blood Pressure With Your Belly Button

Understandably, you might think that this is a pretty strange title for a video.  Rest assured, this technique is very much for real.  This is a very ancient method that far too few people know about today.

The truth of the matter is, most people breathe wrong.  You read right, most people breathe wrong.  This video will show you how to get far more oxygen with every breath.

When practiced for just 10 – 15 minutes, every other day, this easy technique can make a dramatic difference to your life – from lowering blood pressure naturally to greatly reducing stress.  When you’re done with the video, be sure to check out the banner here to the right to learn more about the Breathtaking Nature Method.

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Hi Andy,
I have been with the Breathtaking Nature Method now for a little over a  month.   At the start of the B.N.M. my systolic blood pressure was somewhere in the range of 130 to 155.  The diastolic averages about 80.  This is a sign of hardening of the arteries.  I am 66 years old.  My diet is great.  I have been on the dash diet for about two years now.  Lots of fruits ans vegetables.   By the way, before the Dash Diet my BP was in the 150 to185 range.  Just about every type of food that I eat is suppose to lower the B.P., and yet I have been in the 130 to 155 systolic range for several months. At first with the B.N.M. progress was very good, and I thought that my blood pressure would be normal  in a matter of weeks.  However about two weeks into the program everything slowed down and progress was very slow. And yet there was progress!  Maybe about one or two systolic points a week.  By the way, I will take what ever loss I can get!  Anything that helps is a plus.  Pun intended!  However this pass week progress sped up for me.  Now my systolic reading is 120 to145 range.  Most readings are in the 130 to 140 range.  My doctor has already lower by BP medications.  On my next visit I will inquire if I can drop all medications.   At present my meds help, but not a lot.  Sometimes I forget to take my meds and my BP readings are still in the 130 to 140 range.

I recently bought the Relaxation Revolution by DR. Herbert Benson.  I have devoted time in following his two methods of relaxation and visualization.  I am sure this has been an added plus in bringing down my BP.

Well Andy, thanks for everything.  I am quite thrilled that my BP is finally moving down again.

Chuck W. -Michigan