Do You Know The “New” Life Saving CPR Method?
Do You Know The “New” Life Saving CPR Method?

Last week, we learned about the differences between how men and women feel the symptoms of a heart attack.

This week, we’re going to learn about what to do right away if someone is having a heart attack.

Did you know that there’s a new CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) method?
This new technique is even easier to perform than the old one, and has a much higher life-saving rate.

If your last CPR training was more than a few years ago, chances are you don’t know this technique.

This quick video from the University of Arizona Medical Center will show you
how to save a life when seconds count:

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Hi andy
Having had high bp for a number of years i saw your info and after being given tablets galore from the docs decided i would give it ago for amonth at the age of 52. I consider myself fairly fit working hands on in the building trade and playing 5aside football twice a week against much younger lads so i was pleasantly surprised when i went back to the docs after 30 days on the programme and found my bp was down and ok for the first time in ages. Yes i put it down to the breathing exercises which i am continuing to do.Regards ian -West Yorkshire United Kingdom

I am 72yrs.of age, a retired Local Government Team Leader in Building Maintenance.
My wife and I lead what we consider to be a healthy lifestyle,i;e. exercise,dancing,don’t smoke or drink and a varied diet.I am called to my Medical Centre every 6 months for a Hypertension check which is always high, and have been advised to try medication,for which I declined.  On surfing the Internet I came across your programme. Please find the following results
Start Date. : 30th Aug. 11
Home Monitor Reading :     175/67
Finish Date   2nd Sept.11
Home Monitor Reading      116/64
Through the above period I took three readings on variable days each morning and took the average to record on the Target success tracker.  I would advise that I used the programme quite consistently 15mins.-25mins. per day or night….
Gordon K.
Dundee  Scotland