The #1 Most Dangerous Blood Pressure Drug Side Effect
The #1 Most Dangerous Blood Pressure Drug Side Effect

In this video below (scroll down a bit if you can’t see it), I will lay out the facts about blood pressure drug side-effects.

Frankly, many of these side-effects have me wondering – What’s worse, high blood pressure, or the drugs used to treat it? You be the judge.

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After you’ve watched the video, here’s a quick follow-up to consider…

Let’s imagine two people, “John” and “Mike.”

John is diagnosed with high blood pressure, does nothing but take pills for it, and thinks everything is OK.  Mike is diagnosed with high blood pressure, does regular deep relaxation, and cures himself.

One day John and Mike have big stress triggers happen in their lives.

John, who thought the pills made him safe, but never learned how to handle stress, has a heart attack.

Mike, who has taken the time to learn some easy, clinically-proven deep relaxation techniques, never has the heart attack and happily goes on with his life.

This example might seem like an over-simplification, but the clinical research is clear:
Fact #1:  Stress Triggers Heart Attacks
Fact #2:  Heart Attacks are the Number One Killer
Fact #3:  You have a choice:  Learn how to control stress and live a longer, happier life…
or look the other way and hope for the best.

Blood pressure pills don’t reduce the stress that triggers heart attacks,
they just chemically trick the body to lower blood pressure.

Would you rather live with the illusion of control or have true health?
How much of your “need” for high blood pressure pills is simply untreated stress?

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