The Towel Method
The Towel Method

This video below (scroll down a bit to see it) reveals one of the easiest ways to lower blood pressure naturally.

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Dear Andy,
I am so grateful that I found your program on Lowering your Blood Pressue Naturally. I have been practicing the Method for over a month now. I have to say I love it and it really works. My blood pressure is now in the normal range. Of course I’ve seen my Doctors and had my pressure checked in their office and they were impressed, because it was always high even with the one medication I took. They said to keep up the good work. I had become allergic to the Toprol I was taking. I was only taking 1 pill and a baby aspirin daily, but for 12 years. I had a severe reaction to the Meds. I am exercising and not on any Meds. I am 73yrs. young and work per diem as a X-ray Tech. I will keep doing my Nature Method. I love the program and the coaching. Also look forward to the informational videos. Once again thank you so much, I think your program is awesome and it has really helped me.
Sincerely, Mary

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