TRUE or FALSE: Alcohol Causes High Blood Pressure?
TRUE or FALSE: Alcohol Causes High Blood Pressure?

We’ve all seen the warnings like these:

“Government Warning:
Consumption of alcoholic beverages impairs your ability to drive a car or operate machinery, and may cause health problems.”

That last phrase in particular is interesting: “and may cause health problems.”

What exactly are the health problems associated with alcohol?  Is it really possible, as is popularly believed, that people with high blood pressure should avoid alcohol all together?

Let’s dig deeper and investigate the facts about alcohol and its’ effect on your health that may surprise you.

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Hi Andy,

I have tried your program, because I have had high blood pressure for a couple of years now and I hate the fact that I have been having to take High blood pressure medication for all this time. As with so many other people I’ve been led to believe that that is the only way to deal with high blood pressure by the medical establishment. Aside from my conviction that taking medication especially for the rest of your life can’t be a positive thing, I also suffer from the side effects of this medication. Although I have been practicing the breathtaking method for just a short while and therefore can’t tell yet if the effects will last in the long term, I have found that my blood pressure is lower than it has been since two years and this even though I halved the amount of medication which I took after just two weeks of practicing the method. Besides the practical part of the method, I like the philosophy of your approach about the part that stress and relaxation is something within your control and this method has a lot of simalarities with meditation which is proven through the centuries as having very positive efffects on body and mind.
with Regards, Rob

I’ve Been doing The BreathTaking method for About 30 days now and I Feel much better and My blood pressure has gone down I would Recommend anybody that has high blood pressure to try this it really works I really Like the coaching you get it feels more personal. and the Information you get the little video presentation that answer most of all your question what bring your blood pressure up and what controls it.I would like to thank Andy for helping me with my high blood pressure.
Thanks Dave