TRUE or FALSE: Exercise Lowers Blood Pressure?
TRUE or FALSE: Exercise Lowers Blood Pressure?

Hopefully if there’s one thing you’ve learned about me, it’s that I believe in making “data driven decisions”.  I love to dig deep into the clinical research and reveal the bottom line, even if it means going against popularly held misconceptions.

Which brings us to the next topic: Exercise and blood pressure.

You might have heard that exercise lowers blood pressure, but is it true?
What does the data say?

Today, let’s dig deeper into the health benefits of exercise and see what connection, if any, there is to lowering blood pressure naturally.

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“My name is Steve and I reside in Oklahoma City.  Back in early January 2013, I joined the Breathtaking Nature Method membership at and I must admit it is has been a wonderful experience.  Every other day I have enjoyed, and continue to enjoy to this very day, the Flute Soloist (my favorite)…..

As part of an overall blood pressure lowering program (reliance upon the God of the Bible, exercise, proper diet and supplementation, etc.) my blood pressure has dropped back into the very normal range with my continuing goal of 120/68. I am happy to report that it continues to move in that direction.  I would very highly recommend this Breathtaking Nature Method to anyone who wants to lower their blood pressure or wants to use it for deeper relaxation as part of an overall program.  The proof is in the pudding and with personal dedication, it can be done!!”

“I have been consistent with your daily breathing exercises.  Being at day 50 the exercises are starting to work a little.  I started at BP of 150/100 and now have only dropped a few points.  I have cut out all of the doctor’s pills and feel a lot better.

I will be staying with your ideas and enjoy the info you are sending me….I still look forward to these 15 minutes of relaxation each day.”
Thanks RH Chwk BC Canada