TRUE or FALSE: Salt Causes High Blood Pressure?
TRUE or FALSE: Salt Causes High Blood Pressure?

Probably the single most common thing you’ll hear about high blood pressure is that you need to cut way back on your salt.

But what if everything you’ve heard in the media and everywhere else is wrong?  Is it possible for the majority of the population, including the medical community, to be promoting a myth that simply isn’t based on any credible science?

If you spend a few weeks digging deep into the clinical research, what you find will definitely surprise you. Or, you can spare yourself a lot of time and watch this short video…

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I had high blood pressure for about 12 years.  After trying to alter my diet my BP was still high.  At the time I had a stressful job that required me to work nights and I figured that must have been responsible for the problem.  Then I retired and was diagnosed with cancer so went on a very strict program to get rid of that problem which took over two years. Thanks to Healing the Gerson Way  by Charlotte Gerson my AMAS test came back normal and my symptoms disappeared.  At that point I figured that my diet possibly had ended my BP problem so I went off of the prescription drugs.

After two weeks, my BP was too high (170/110) and then I stumbled across your web site.  I still find it hard to believe how much it has helped.  A few days I have had readings as low as 114/70 but on average, I am usually 135/80.  I am still very careful with my diet and exercise seems to help too but without the breathing exercises I believe I would still have very high readings although I don’t plan on stopping just to find out.  If I am still good after 6 months I will be totally convinced.  Right now about 80% there.

I like to start the Alpine stream about 5 seconds before the flute and breath for 15 minutes every day.  Thanks for helping me overcome this problem.
Philip R.   Henderson, NV