What’s Wrong With Our Food System?
What’s Wrong With Our Food System?

As you’ve learned, one of the essential keys to lowering blood pressure naturally is taking a close look at your diet.  In countries that speak English, “Western Countries,” roughly a third of adults are obese, with numbers on the rise.

There’s an “epidemic” of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer – as if the cause is some strange foreign contagion that’s beyond our control.

Today’s children are the first generation that are expected to have life expectancies that are shorter than their parents.  This inspiring short video features an 11-year old who has the wisdom to say we are 100% in control.


One of the most powerful observations in this video is – we can pay our farmers or we can pay our doctors.

When we pay our farmers, it’s the most powerful preventative medicine available.  When we pay our doctors to “fix” our problems with bottles of pills, it’s really the illusion of a solution.

Let’s imagine for a moment that you owned a $20,000,000 champion racehorse.  This racehorse came from a long line of champion winners and would surely create future generations of even better champions.

Would you feed your horse table scraps?

Certainly not.  Surely you would invest in the best diet for your champion.

YOU, my friend, are a champion.

And it’s time for all of us to treat ourselves like the champions we are.

If you have struggled with high blood pressure, one of the essential keys is your diet.

Another essential key is getting in tune with the deeper rhythms of your body.
One of the most powerful ways to get deeply in tune with your body is called Guided Breathing.

Guided Breathing has been proven in multiple clinical studies since the 1970’s to
permanently lower blood pressure
in 90% of the people that try it.

Interestingly very few doctors take the time to let their patients know about Guided Breathing.
But they sure are happy to take the time to write prescriptions for those pills aren’t they?

If you haven’t tried Guided Breathing, I strongly encourage you to treat yourself like the champion you are and at least give it a try.

There’s zero risk and a lifetime of benefits that are waiting for you with this fast & easy technique…

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“Hello and greetings from windy wet Scotland UK, I am well into my breathing exercises now and can report good progress. I started at 176/110 and now I can report that, although it does go up and down a bit (only to be expected at my age, 74.) My average BP is now around 125/90 and I am well pleased with that…. Thank you for all the valuable info you give us.
Many Blessings be yours, Jan Kent”