Your Genes Are Not Your Fate
Your Genes Are Not Your Fate

We’ve all heard it before, or probably even said it ourselves…
“It runs in my family”…
“It’s genetic”…

This implies that it’s all beyond our control, so why even bother?
We are just victims of the fate of our DNA, right?


While it’s true that we can’t (yet) alter our genes, what we
are largely in control of is how our genes are expressed.

In this short video by Dr. Dean Ornish, you’ll learn about
the research that proves that simple lifestyle changes can
change the way your body expresses its’ genetic code,
letting you prevent heart disease, cancer & diabetes,
slow the aging
process, and live a longer, happier, healthier life:

One of the key ways to alter your genes is to practice deep relaxation techniques.
This doesn’t mean watching TV or surfing the web – these are the “junk foods” of the
relaxation world.

To really get the gene altering benefits of deep relaxation, you need to dig deeper and
learn how to trigger the Relaxation Response.

This body state is the opposite of the “Fight or Flight Response” that our bodies in the
modern world spend most of our time in.

When you learn the secrets to the Relaxation Response, it lets your body unlock
the deep, powerful triggers to natural healing.

The Breathtaking Nature Method is an online coaching program based on over 40
years of research on the Relaxation Response.

To learn more about the Breathtaking Nature Method, please
click here to watch this short video.

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