Dear Andy,
I am so grateful that I found your program on Lowering your Blood Pressue Naturally. I have been practicing the Method for over a month now. I have to say I love it and it really works. My blood pressure is now in the normal range. Of course I’ve seen my Doctors and had my pressure checked in their office and they were impressed, because it was always high even with the one medication I took. They said to keep up the good work. I had become allergic to the Toprol I was taking. I was only taking 1 pill and a baby aspirin daily, but for 12 years. I had a severe reaction to the Meds. I am exercising and not on any Meds. I am 73yrs. young and work per diem as a X-ray Tech. I will keep doing my Nature Method. I love the program and the coaching. Also look forward to the informational videos. Once again thank you so much, I think your program is awesome and it has really helped me.

– Sincerely, Mary

“In an effort to bring down my blood pressure, I decided to try the Breathtaking Nature Method.
I live a very healthy lifestyle (exercise and nutrition), yet my BP was on average about 145/98. I was running out of exercise and nutrition options. After two weeks of using the breathing method, about10-15 minutes each day, my average B/P dropped to about 125/90.
The deep breathing exercises were the only change I made to my routine during this time period.
So, if you like me were running out of options and want to avoid BP meds, I recommend trying the Breathtaking Nature Method.”

-RL, Cary NC

Hi Andy, just before starting the breathing program I was having trouble keeping my blood pressure below 140. Often times, it would be in the 150’s or 160’s. My lower number was always in the 80’s or above. The only way I could get it to a lower number was to take small doses of a blood pressure medicine. However, all of the blood pressure medicines made me dizzy and I would stop taking them after a few days. Since I started the program, my blood pressure has mostly been in the 120’s or lower over 70s or lower. Over the last 35+ days I have had only four readings in the 140’s.

I’m attaching a copy of my blood pressure chart and a picture.

Thank you,

“….I found your web site and am so thankful. In the short time I’ve been using your technique my blood pressure has dropped to 154/84. Still too high but WAY better than a few weeks ago! The technique is easy, enjoyable, and produces results. Got to go now, time for my drug free BP lowering relaxing breathing! Thanks again!

-Kerry M. Fernley, Nevada”

Hi Andy.
I received your email about a month ago now. I have had high blood pressure for over ten years and on medication. With the medication my blood pressure was 140/82 average. Without the medication it would go up to 170/102. I tried to get off the medication a couple of times but my pressure would go far too high. When you sent me your email on the breathing technique I was skeptical at first but it sounded like it might help.

I have faithfully followed the exercise every second night for at least 15 min or more. On the 22rd day using the breathing programme my blood pressure was getting too low as I was still taking me medication 118/73. I cut my meds in half for two days and then I stopped all together for the last week I have been off all my meds.

My Blood pressure without med is now 128/ 79 on an average it has never gone over 82. Thank you very much Andy.

Kind regards


“Hello and greetings from windy wet Scotland UK, I am well into my breathing exercises now and can report good progress. I started at 176/110 and now I can report that, although it does go up and down a bit (only to be expected at my age, 74.) My average BP is now around 125/90 and I am well pleased with that…. Thank you for all the valuable info you give us.

Many Blessings be yours, Jan Kent

“…All information I have been receiving has been of great value for me. Thank you very much for the keys of good health. I practice your method every day and I can say I feel really much better because I have my blood pressure under control now….”

I followed your suggestions to lower blood pressure and today my doctor told me ‘you have cured yourself your BP is normal’ Regards Lesley T”

Yes, I have found this method very helpful indeed. I have a blood pressure monitor at home which I use almost daily in the evenings to monitor the results (almost instantaneous results using the methods you endorsed!). My story: I had a doctor visit a several months ago and he put me on metoprolol low-dose. Now, I do have “white coat syndrome”, you know, when I see a doctor my BP rises just seeing that white coat they wear. Really! (Past experience with doctors does make me leery of visiting them). Anyway, the meds did ‘normalize’ my pressure, but went even further, it was going sub-normal. Had a side effect of vertigo for a day within a couple of weeks after starting, so I immediately stopped using it for a few days. I also noticed the side effects of ‘deeper sleep’; I would fall asleep very rapidly like being hit over the head. And some uneasy unnatural feeling when exercising, like a was struggling more.

Well, then I did my homework and ran across your web-site. Was hesitant at first….Nevertheless the next day I subscribed and glad I did. One thing that really hit home was your video on how pharmaceutical companies can influence and even pressure the physicians to use their products. This I know for a FACT since my previous wife was a pediatrician, and I witnessed how the sales reps come in and urge to use their products, give free samples, tons of free pens, free pads, free gadgets, free lunches, free dinners at seminars, and even treat the staff from time to time. I also found out they have access to the prescriptions that the physicians write, they know how often and how much is prescribed and by who, so this too plays into how the pharmaceutical companies ‘work’ with the physicians.
The highest BP reading I had (at the scary doc’s office) was 190/90. When he said that I was in shock, I never had readings so high (highest I’ve seen was 150/90), so I knew it was white coat syndrome again because my pulse was racing too even before he told me that measurement. He prescribed those meds which he said would lower my BP and pulse rate. I am now off those meds completely, have been for a few months now and monitor my BP and pulse daily. At rest I have seen nearly ‘perfect’ BP of 125/80, although more common readings are around 135/82 with pulse rate in the mid 60’s! Over a few weeks time the common readings have been more often reading (dropping down) into the ‘normal range’. Also, when waking from a nap I have seen my BP as low as 110/65 with pulse rate in the 60s.

So kudos to your web-site. It has been very instrumental in normalizing my BP and pulse rate too. And I think your videos are great! Keep them coming!

Thanks for listening!

“Hello, I wanted to say that I really enjoyed the articles and videos that you have been sending, and how amazing it is that there is an array of natural blood pressure control techniques that I personally have never heard of before!! so Thank you very much for this enlightening information that will help me very much : )

Best regards, Lara

As a flutist, I am very familiar with diaphragmatic breathing and how it is so different from the way we typically breathe in everyday life. But even so, the Breathtaking Nature program has helped me a lot! I love being outdoors, and breathing while listening with full focus to the beautiful sounds of nature has truly taught me HOW to relax…something I have really struggled with for a long time. (Thanks, Andy!) And the videos on so many topics related to lowering your blood pressure are so informative and are such a bonus! I have gained a lot from this series and am starting to see the results. I am really glad I found it! Thanks!

Meryl V. Linwood, North Carolina

Hi Andy,
I have been with the Breathtaking Nature Method now for a little over a month. At the start of the B.N.M. my systolic blood pressure was somewhere in the range of 130 to 155. The diastolic averages about 80. This is a sign of hardening of the arteries. I am 66 years old. My diet is great. I have been on the dash diet for about two years now. Lots of fruits ans vegetables. By the way, before the Dash Diet my BP was in the 150 to185 range. Just about every type of food that I eat is suppose to lower the B.P., and yet I have been in the 130 to 155 systolic range for several months. At first with the B.N.M. progress was very good, and I thought that my blood pressure would be normal in a matter of weeks. However about two weeks into the program everything slowed down and progress was very slow. And yet there was progress! Maybe about one or two systolic points a week. By the way, I will take what ever loss I can get! Anything that helps is a plus. Pun intended! However this pass week progress sped up for me. Now my systolic reading is 120 to145 range. Most readings are in the 130 to 140 range. My doctor has already lower by BP medications. On my next visit I will inquire if I can drop all medications. At present my meds help, but not a lot. Sometimes I forget to take my meds and my BP readings are still in the 130 to 140 range.

I recently bought the Relaxation Revolution by DR. Herbert Benson. I have devoted time in following his two methods of relaxation and visualization. I am sure this has been an added plus in bringing down my BP.

Well Andy, thanks for everything. I am quite thrilled that my BP is finally moving down again.this enlightening information that will help me very much : )

Chuck W. -Michigan

Hi andy
Having had high bp for a number of years i saw your info and after being given tablets galore from the docs decided i would give it ago for amonth at the age of 52. I consider myself fairly fit working hands on in the building trade and playing 5aside football twice a week against much younger lads so i was pleasantly surprised when i went back to the docs after 30 days on the programme and found my bp was down and ok for the first time in ages. Yes i put it down to the breathing exercises which i am continuing to do

Regards ian -West Yorkshire United Kingdom

am 72yrs.of age, a retired Local Government Team Leader in Building Maintenance.
My wife and I lead what we consider to be a healthy lifestyle,i;e. exercise,dancing,don’t smoke or drink and a varied diet.I am called to my Medical Centre every 6 months for a Hypertension check which is always high, and have been advised to try medication,for which I declined. On surfing the Internet I came across your programme. Please find the following results
Start Date. : 30th Aug. 11
Home Monitor Reading : 175/67
Finish Date 2nd Sept.11
Home Monitor Reading 116/64
Through the above period I took three readings on variable days each morning and took the average to record on the Target success tracker. I would advise that I used the programme quite consistently 15mins.-25mins. per day or night….

Gordon K.

Dundee Scotland

New Rochelle, NY – 17 June 2012

Dear Andy:

….First of all, I wanted to let you know that i like your approach very much.
Your video clips are short, to the point and …. uplifting.

I do have an elevated/high blood pressure and, now some eight or ten years ago, my doctor put me on beta blockers. I have been taking these till about seven months ago and finally stopped them gradually because I ran out of supplies, but also the side effects began to bother me. I started to develop Peyronies disease.

The development of side effects really put me on a path of thinking that there must be other ways to go about this. And I was also convinced that the various doctors, here in the US and New Zealand, where we lived for the past three years, prescribe mere to cover their a… rather than that they prescribe something that is really good for you.

Also, I use and prefer predominantly homeopathic preparations…..

I am determined to solve my issues drug free …..

PS. I am sixty four, and apart from the blood pressure issue actually very healthy

Kind regards,

Frank B.

“Upon moving from sea level to 7500 feet, after 1 year I noticed my blood pressure had gone up considerably. Your course has taught me how to breathe properly. I am 67 years old and while my pressure is still a little high upon awakening, it is quite normal during the day. No drugs for me.”

Thanks, Ron V” Evergreen, Colorado

Dear Andy,
Thanks for being professional and prudent in your presentation.
My high blood pressure is attributed to 2 main reasons:
1- On going stress at work and due to divorce case that has been going for 25 years……
2- Being overweight by 20 kg.I have been practicing your breathing exercise and mindfulness of the breath to address the stress and anxiety I developed due to reason outlined in item 1.
I have found that your breathing exercises are efficient to keep my blood pressure within the normal (80/120).
My goal is to get rid of medication (minimum of 4mg Atacand). For this purpose I believe I need to get rid of my access weight as well.
However , even with medication my blood pressure goes up sometimes to 100/180 if I am stress or in anxiety situation due to forthcoming divorce court case/work related issues.
Instead of increasing the dose, I am using more often the breathing exercise (up to 3 times of 10 minutes a day). This keeps my blood pressure within the normal range of 80/120.

Best Regards,J.

I tried the breathing exercises everyday, doing approximately 25 minutes. I liked most of them and the experience was you could say hypnotic. That is, 25 minutes seemed like 5 or 10 minutes. I started monitoring my BP after approximately 26 days using your program and found the BP had in fact dropped significantly from high/borderline high to normal… …lowering my BP was not one thing but involved a lifestyle change that so far appears to be working. Thank you for creating the program.

R -Hyde Park, NY

Hi Andy,

I have tried your program, because I have had high blood pressure for a couple of years now and I hate the fact that I have been having to take High blood pressure medication for all this time. As with so many other people I’ve been led to believe that that is the only way to deal with high blood pressure by the medical establishment. Aside from my conviction that taking medication especially for the rest of your life can’t be a positive thing, I also suffer from the side effects of this medication. Although I have been practicing the breathtaking method for just a short while and therefore can’t tell yet if the effects will last in the long term, I have found that my blood pressure is lower than it has been since two years and this even though I halved the amount of medication which I took after just two weeks of practicing the method. Besides the practical part of the method, I like the philosophy of your approach about the part that stress and relaxation is something within your control and this method has a lot of simalarities with meditation which is proven through the centuries as having very positive efffects on body and mind.

with Regards, Rob

I’ve Been doing The BreathTaking method for About 30 days now and I Feel much better and My blood pressure has gone down I would Recommend anybody that has high blood pressure to try this it really works I really Like the coaching you get it feels more personal. and the Information you get the little video presentation that answer most of all your question what bring your blood pressure up and what controls it.I would like to thank Andy for helping me with my high blood pressure.

Thanks Dave,

“The video’s on BP were fantastic and helped me to lower my BP level, so as a 72 year old male I am interested in any topic that is beneficial to me that will help me to enjoy an improved quality of life. Many thanks for all your help in assisting me to achieve this. ”

Best Regards Bryan

thank you for sharing your method of blood pressure control via deep controlled breathing. It worked for me. I had B.P. 210 over 123 at times and was under much medication. I tried your method and in two day it was normal. I began cutting down the medications and kept doing the breathing exercises daily for a while. Now for a month I am off all medications and breath deeply every other day and my blood pressure is fine at 122/78.”

Elaine Smith,66 Ladysmith, Wisconsin

I had high blood pressure for about 12 years. After trying to alter my diet my BP was still high. At the time I had a stressful job that required me to work nights and I figured that must have been responsible for the problem. Then I retired and was diagnosed with cancer so went on a very strict program to get rid of that problem which took over two years. Thanks to Healing the Gerson Way by Charlotte Gerson my AMAS test came back normal and my symptoms disappeared. At that point I figured that my diet possibly had ended my BP problem so I went off of the prescription drugs.

After two weeks, my BP was too high (170/110) and then I stumbled across your web site. I still find it hard to believe how much it has helped. A few days I have had readings as low as 114/70 but on average, I am usually 135/80. I am still very careful with my diet and exercise seems to help too but without the breathing exercises I believe I would still have very high readings although I don’t plan on stopping just to find out. If I am still good after 6 months I will be totally convinced. Right now about 80% there.
I like to start the Alpine stream about 5 seconds before the flute and breath for 15 minutes every day. Thanks for helping me overcome this problem.

Philip R. Henderson, NV

“My name is Steve and I reside in Oklahoma City. Back in early January 2013, I joined the Breathtaking Nature Method membership at and I must admit it is has been a wonderful experience. Every other day I have enjoyed, and continue to enjoy to this very day, the Flute Soloist (my favorite)…..

As part of an overall blood pressure lowering program (reliance upon the God of the Bible, exercise, proper diet and supplementation, etc.) my blood pressure has dropped back into the very normal range with my continuing goal of 120/68. I am happy to report that it continues to move in that direction. I would very highly recommend this Breathtaking Nature Method to anyone who wants to lower their blood pressure or wants to use it for deeper relaxation as part of an overall program. The proof is in the pudding and with personal dedication, it can be done!!”

“I have been consistent with your daily breathing exercises. Being at day 50 the exercises are starting to work a little. I started at BP of 150/100 and now have only dropped a few points. I have cut out all of the doctor’s pills and feel a lot better.

I will be staying with your ideas and enjoy the info you are sending me….I still look forward to these 15 minutes of relaxation each day.”

Thanks RH Chwk BC Canada

“Your blood pressure course has been a Godsend for me.”

“Very informative and enjoyable…now I just hope to put 10% from what I’ve learned till now to good use. ”

Kind regards Ted